Apart from being a manga kingdom, Tottori is famous for its sand dunes, the one and only in Japan. It is a must visit for anyone going to Tottori, or maybe is the only reason why people visit Tottori. A breathtaking, beautiful natural land formation, created by sand and winds over the last 100,000 years. The dunes were huge spanning an area of 16 kilometres from east to west and 2 kilometres from north to south, the views standing atop the dunes were amazing. The sand was very fine and soft.

Hakuto Beach is a beautiful white beach popular for sea bathing in summer and surfing in winter. It is the setting of the myth of “The white rabbit of Inaba”.

Hakuto Beach


Lake Koyama is the largest lake in Tottori. There are five islands in the lake, and only one is accessible by foot, with a bridge linking the island and the mainland.


Small island in the lake.


Crab Aquarium showcases the area’s crabs and is primarily aimed at kids with many hands on exhibits.

Big crab in the aquarium


Next to the crab aquarium is Karoichi Market, Tottori’s largest seafood market.

Crabs on sale



Uradome Coast is made up of white sandy beaches, rocks caused by erosion, and shrub pines. Stretching along the coast along the Japan Sea, marine erosion has formed distinctive natural sea walls, cliffs, tunnels, caves, and large rocks of unusual shapes.

Beach, rocks, cliffs