During the Edo period there were five roadways that connected Edo (modern day Tokyo) and outlying regions. The Nakasendo linked Edo and Kyoto, and ran through central Japan. It had 69 posting stations of which Magome-juku was the 43rd.

Magome-juku is relatively unique for being located on very precipitous terrain. A walk though Magome-juku will transport you back to the Edo period, some 300 years ago. The area is known internationally as a place that retains the particular atmosphere of old Japanese posting stations.

A quiet portion of the original highway has been preserved between Tsumago and Magome. This scenic trail is especially popular among overseas visitors who seek an authentic experience of traditional life. Bus service is also provided between the two ends of the road.

Steep slopes at Magome-juku
View from the top of the hill