Sakurajima is one of Japan’s most active volcanoes. Standing at 1117 metres and 50 kilometres round, the volcano smokes constantly, and minor eruptions often take place multiple times per day. There is an observatory with a view of the summit midway up the mountain where you can feel the power of the active volcano spewing smoke up close.

View from Yunohira Observation Point


Cape Nagasakibana

Cape Nagasakibana is the southernmost point of the Satsuma Peninsula. However, it is not the southernmost point of Kyushu, as the Osumi Peninsula on the other side of Kagoshima Bay extends a further 20 kilometers south.

Nearby Mount Kaimondake, which stands 924 metres above sea level can be seen from Cape Nagasakibana. Because of its conical shape, it bears a striking resemblance to Mount Fuji and is often referred to as “Satsuma Fuji”.

Mount Kaimondake on a foggy day


Lake Ikeda

Lake Ikeda is the biggest lake in Kyushu, formed from volcanic activity in the area more than 6400 years ago. Mount Kaimondake, bearing a striking resemblance to Mount Fuji and is often referred to as “Satsuma Fuji” because of its conical shape, can be seen from here.

Lake Ikeda


Nishi-Ōyama Station

For train fans, Nishi-Ōyama Station is the southernmost train station in Japan. Mount Kaimondake can be seen from the station.

Southernmost train station of Japan with Mount Kaimondake in the background


Makurazaki Port

The city of Makurazaki is located at the southernmost tip of the Satsuma Hanto peninsula. Makurazaki station is the terminus of the southernmost JR train line in Japan. It is the largest producer of katsuobushi (also known as bonito flakes) in all of Japan, and has earned the nickname “katsuo town”.

Makurazaki Port


Hinokami Park

A coastal park, Hinomaki Park is 10 minutes drive from Makurazaki station. In summer, there is a small pool/play area with a few slides open to public. Tategami Rock can be seen from the coast. It is one of the filiming sites of a Japanese war film Yamato.

Sunset viewed from Hinomaki Park
Tategami Rock