Canal City

A large shopping and entertainment complex, calling itself a “city within the city”. Attractions include about 250 shops, cafes and restaurants, a theater, game center, cinemas, two hotels and a canal running through the complex.

For ramen lovers, the fifth floor consists of the Ramen Stadium, which has eight ramen shops with noodle dishes from across Japan, including the local specialty Hakata Ramen.

Sign at the entrance



Tenjin is a gorgeous area, with the business streets in harmony with the shopping streets. In the evening, street stalls stand side by side to serve a variety of dishes such as ramen and oden in a casual manner. Young or old, men or women, whoever is sitting next to you is your friend. Such an atmosphere is enjoyed at the stalls.

Street stalls along the river


Fukuoka Tower

It is the tallest seaside tower in Japan. At 123 metres, it offers good views of the city. The three-storied observation deck tower also has a triangular cross-section which is covered with 8000 half-mirrors. Because of this, it has been given the nickname “Mirror Sail”.

View from the tower


Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome

The dome was the first multi-purpose dome in Japan to incorporate a retractable roof. The seaside stadium is home to the Softbank Hawks baseball team, which is the only professional baseball team on Kyushu. It is also used for a variety of sporting events, and can be used for concerts as well as exhibitions.

At a length of 188 metres, Yahoo Dome has the world’s longest bar from which spectators can see the entire field. The dome also comes complete with the world’s largest big screen monitor.

Outside the Stadium


Kyushu Railway History Museum

Housed in a two-storey redbrick building that was the former headquarters of Kyushu Railways, there are extensive sets of exhibits including model railways and simulators as well as photos documenting the history of rail in Kyushu. Various items such as vehicles and equipment previously used in service, old train industry-related uniforms, and replicas of train lunch boxes are on display. Outside the museum, a series of locomotives and trains from the age of steam up to the 1960’s. Many of the trains can be boarded.

Entrance to the museum.
Inside an old train