Japan’s tallest and well-known mountain, Mount Fuji, has its northern half in Yamanashi prefecture.

The almost symmetrical mountain in summer.
Mount Fuji Udon at Mount Fuji Station


Fuji Five Lakes

The name Fuji Five Lakes comes from the fact that there are five lakes formed by previous eruptions of Mount Fuji. The five lakes are located in an arc around the northern half of Mount Fuji.

Lake Kawaguchi is the most famous of the five lakes, and is the most easily accessible with train and bus connections to Tokyo. It is the second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes in terms of surface area. Images of this lake are usually used in posters and commercials for the Fuji Five Lakes area.

Lake Kawaguchi


The largest of the Fuji Five Lakes, Lake Yamanaka is popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts who enjoy boating, fishing, water skiing, wind surfing and other water sports on the lake, as well as camping, tennis and other activities along its shores. A few public hot springs baths can also be found around Lake Yamanaka. Benifuji no Yu around the lake’s western end has good views of Mount Fuji from its baths.

Lake Yamanaka
Benifuji no Yu – public bath with views of Mount Fuji