Shitsugen Wetland National Park

Japan’s largest wetland and marsh habitat, this park is a famous spot in Eastern Hokkaido, known for its Japanese cranes. The cranes are most easily seen in winter as they gather at feeding sites. I visited in September and only managed to catch two cranes from afar.

Only managed to catch two cranes from afar


Nusumai Bridge / Fisherman’s Wharf MOO

Near Kushiro port, Fisherman’s Wharf MOO (which stands for Marine Our Oasis) is within walking distance from Nusumai Bridge. The huge complex has a variety of stalls and is known for its fresh produce and dairy products. As I wanted to catch the sunrise (but was late), the building was not yet opened, and I missed the chance for a sumptuous fresh seafood breakfast.

Nusumai Bridge after the sunrise
A huge Fisherman’s Wharf MOO complex


Washo Market

With over 60 shops, I wanted to visit the historic Washo Market to try its famous dish katte don. First purchase a bowl of rice, then walk down the rows of shops to select your favourite seafood toppings. Sadly I did not manage to eat it, and the below picture shows it all. I landed up at the smaller Kushiro Tanchou Market opposite. There was plenty of fruits, vegetables, seafood, and dried food as well.

Closed Washo Market
Smaller market opposite
Look at all the crab products!