Known as a dairy town, Nakashibetsu town has forests and ranches to the tune of thousands of hectares. Cows grazing the grass are more common than meeting a local.

Built on a hilltop of 270 metres, Kaiyodai is an observatory where you can have a 330-degree view of the greenery below (Why 330? After reading many articles, I still do not have the answer). The views were really really amazing, do drop by if you are in the area! This observatory is very popular among bikers, and many huge motorbikes are frequently seen.

In the building, there is a cafe selling Shiretoko Donuts. Nakashibetsu is the birthplace of these cute donuts. (Check out this article). The cute donuts are available at Hokkaido’s Chitose Airport as well as some places in Tokyo.

Where the Earth’s roundness can be observed, with the observatory behind
Green is everywhere
The Cafe