On the eastern side of Hokkaido, Nemuro city is the earliest place to see the morning sun. As it is close to Russia and receives russian visitors, it is no surprise that there are russian signs and russian goods as well.

First city to see the rising sun
Do you understand Russian?


Cape Nosappu

The eastern-most point of Japan, this is the tip known for its sunrise. Many come here to experience the sunrise on New Year’s Day, as it is the earliest place to see the morning sun.

Eastern-most point of Japan


One of the top photography spots in the area, the symbol of Cape Nosappu, is an arch-like monument named “Shima-no-kakehashi” or “Bridge to the four islands”. It was built in 1980 in the hope that the islands will return to Japan.

If you are interested in history, there is a visitor centre detailing the history and the Japanese islanders on the disputed islands. There are even telescopes for a closer view of the islands.

Shima-no-kakehashi / Bridge to the four islands
Map of the four disputed islands


Japan’s oldest lighthouse, sits on Cape Nosappu. From the observation deck, a 360-degree panoramic view of the area can be enjoyed. Sadly I went too late and it was closed.

Cape Nosappu Lighthouse


Higashi-Nemuro Station

Here sits not only the eastern-most train station in Japan, but also in Asia! This train station sits in the middle of a residential area, only has one platform, one train track, one timetable showing the timings of the five trains stopping each day, and one sign, THE sign, which was the reason for me to search for this station (I did not take the train, and hence had to spend time looking for it). THE sign says it all, “The eastern-most train station of Japan”.

Apparently I was not the only one interested in the sign. When I finally reached, there were two locals from as far as Yokohama and Fukuoka taking an interest in the sign as well. The original sign is on the platform and was quite worn-out. There was a newer sign with nice blue words engraved on a tree log just below the steps to the platform.

It is a must-visit place for train buffs!

The original sign at the platform
Japan’s eastern-most station, Higashi-Nemuro