Shiretoko Pass / Rausu Pass

One of the top three scenic driving routes, this long road on Route 334 has spectacular views of Mount Rausu, Shiretoko’s highest mountain. Even in July, the top of Mount Rausu is still prettily covered with snow. Because of snow, the road is only open from end April to end October. Before it opens, around the beginning of April, events are held to allow participants to walk the road lined with walls of snow.

The gate that closes the road. Cars will line up just before it opens!
The famous stone usually taken with Mount Rausu. Very foggy and I could not see anything.
Sunset along Shiretoko Pennisula


Shiretoko Five Lakes

Surrounded by forests all around, the lakes are calm and silent, and are a result of nearby Mount Io. The lakes are closed in winter.

Walking through the forest
The calm and peaceful lake
Boardwalk on the left, lake in the middle, forests on the right


Oshinkoshin Falls

The main feature of this waterfall is that it is split into two sections, having the nickname “Beautiful Forked Waterfalls”. The power of the water falling is very powerful, and standing on the steps at the foot of the falls can get you wet.

Speed of water is so fast, such that it appears white.