The Blue Pond

Depending on season and weather, the pond has various hues of blue. It’s bright blue colour is caused by natural minerals dissolving in the water, and the water itself is not blue.



Shirahige Falls

The water flowing between the rocks resembles a white beard, hence its name Shirahige (white beard).



Shirogane Onsen

A popular hot-spring resort town, this would have been a lovely place to stay if I had more time. There are many ryokans here, ski resorts in winter, and a camping ground for summer time.

Map of all the onsen resorts


Zerubu Hill

During the flower blooming seasons from around May to September, there is always an abundance of pretty flowers in Biei and Furano. Flowers here are planted in a circular pattern, and you can even rent an ATV for some fun around the flower park. There is a dedicated route just for the vehicle.

Pretty flowers in September