Asahikawa Ramen Village

Hokkaido’s ramen is very popular. Sapporo is known for its miso based broth, Hakodate for its salt based broth, Asahikawa for its shoyu (soya sauce) based broth.

In this ramen village, eight famous ramen restaurants have opened here, complete with a small ramen shrine and a gift shop. All the shops have outlets in downtown Asahikawa, but if you are a ramen fan, with all the shops in one place, this is certainly not to be missed. Each shop has its own distinctive flavours, and the huge variety on offer makes it difficult to decide which to try. I walked round the entire place three times before settling on one.

Ramen Shrine
Ramen village at night


Asahikawa Zoo

The northernmost zoo in Japan, most enclosures are designed to allow the animals to be observed from different angles. The penguin parade in winter is the most popular, whereby penguins are taken on walks twice a day in the snow to keep them fit and healthy.

Penguin walk