Currently living the life of an office worker.
Intend to convert this site into my own domain in future (ie. watch this space!).

Fascinated about travelling to areas less frequented by tourists in Japan, contributing articles on JapanTravel.com whenever possible. My profile on JapanTravel.

Concentrating on travel places for now, intend to write on experiences studying in Japan, and hopefully living in Japan in future.

My ultimate target is to visit all 47 prefectures.

Another aim is to write in Japanese in future.

Prefectures visited:
1. Hokkaido
2. Chiba
3. Tōkyō
4. Kanagawa
5. Fukui
6. Yamanashi
7. Nagano
8. Gifu
9. Shizuoka
10. Aichi
11. Shiga
12. Kyōto
13. Osaka
14. Hyōgo
15. Nara
16. Wakayama
17. Tottori
18. Okayama
19. Hiroshima
20. Yamaguchi
21. Fukuoka
22. Kumamoto
23. Ōita
24. Kagoshima